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          High End Audio

          For Acoustic Frontiers, High-End Audio is about more than the equipment. Its about optimizing room acoustics and the system set-up to get the most out of your audio. Get it right, and it will feel like youre surrounded by sound, from a smoky Bourbon Street jazz joint to the boom of the baritone at La Scala.

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          “Thank you Acoustic Frontiers! My system is no longer there. I can close my eyes and the music just flows from another dimension!”

          Mr. Lowe, Dallas, TX.

          High End Home Theater

          Imagine burning rubber with Steve McQueen in a 68 Mustang Fastback. The puff of smoke, the screech of tires, the growl of an unleashed V8. Our certified professionals create high end Home Theaters that put film fans in the driving seat, using techniques including computer modeling, acoustic design, and audio calibration. Contact Acoustic Frontiers to learn how you can bring Hollywood home.

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          “Im enjoying the system you did for me so much. Its just incredible. Its like listening to my music for the first time!”

          Mr. Hart, Carmel Highlands, CA.

          Home Recording Studio

          Home Recording Studio

          Recording artists know that for premium sound quality, every note counts. Whether youre using your Home Recording Studio for personal or professional work, you want a neutral sonic environment and a clean sound, free from brittle or boomy resonances. Acoustic Frontiers approach to home recording studio setup is based on industry standards and certifications, years of experience, and high resolution acoustic analysis. Well handle the measurements, you make the music

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          What Can Acoustic Frontiers Do for You?

          All of Acoustic Frontiers services can be combined or customized. Check out our range of services for high-end audio, home theater and home recording studio enthusiasts, or reach out directly with any questions.
          ServicePhaseHigh-End AudioHome TheaterRecording Studio
          Room Acoustic Analysis Design
          Acoustic Treatment DesignDesign
          Low Frequency OptimizationDesign
          Audio DesignDesign
          Video DesignDesign
          Home Theater LayoutDesign
          High End Audio EquipmentEquipment
          Home Theater EquipmentEquipment
          Audio Calibration & Set UpCalibration
          Video CalibrationCalibration

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